Opening up market access

Supporting pharma and biotech companies in their Market Access strategies requires a good knowledge of key drivers that influence the healthcare market.

For more than 15 years, we have challenged and supported the implementation of French Market Access strategies of hundreds of medicinal products, from medicines to medical devices and breakthrough therapies.

Phare de Plouzané, France

Raison d'être

The Biodimed Conseils team has been working with the pharmaceutical industry for more than fifteen years. We evaluate challenge and support the deployment of your market access strategy for your health products in France.

Whatever your drug, medical device, procedure or diagnostic test, we are able to accurately anticipate the market conditions for which your product could qualify.

We have specific expertise in rare diseases, gene therapy and vaccines.

We are able to identify suitable solutions for the market access of your innovative therapies.

Our vision

Expert work for the benefit of all.

It is by always keeping in mind the issues of each of the market access stakeholders that we best defend your objectives.

Our goal

To get you the best possible market access conditions.

This objective is achieved through :

- optimisation of the strategy by critical analysis of the therapeutic environment and available clinical data,

- highly qualified operational and technical support for its deployment.


Combining knowledge.

Biodimed is both a high degree of expertise and reliability at the service of its customers, combined with a knowledge of the health authorities' own issues.