Accompanying you

Our expertise

Biodimed offers a tailor-made support service for each of its clients, whatever the development phase of their health product.

Strategic analysis

We enter fully into your problem, examine the field of possibilities and mark out the environment. What issues, processes, players, road map to follow?

Prospective discussion

We challenge your market access strategy and anticipate its pitfalls. Does your health product meet the expectations of the health authorities?

Early dialogue

We solicit and accompany early national or European meetings with health authorities.

Compassionate and early access

What is the best route for patients to access innovation, in agreement with the health authorities? We are able to apply for early or compassionate access when it seems relevant.

Health tech and innovative strategies

Our mastery of the possible market access processes allows us a great deal of freedom: the freedom to imagine and dare to find off-the-beaten track solutions for your innovative products.

NITAG submission

We have specific expertise in vaccines: knowledge of the players and processes, analysis of epidemiological, immunological and methodological data, and positioning assistance.

Network of experts

We put our network of experts (methodologists, clinicians, market access, etc.) at the service of the project in order to be able to call on the best expertise at each stage of the project.


We put our know-how and experience at your service to write the reimbursement dossier. This involves anticipating evaluation scenarios, comprehensive literature review, fine analysis and data synthesis.

Submission and post-submission

We accompany you in your exchanges with the authorities and prepare your hearings with you.


Thanks to its years of exchanges with the CEPS, Biodimed is able to act as a constructive mediator between you and the decision-making bodies. For a price agreement that satisfies all stakeholders.